About Us

PROTICKET MALAYSIA (formerly known as Ticketpro Malaysia) has won over contracts of various events ever since the launch of its operations in June 2007 and celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary in 2017.

In 2008, Ticketpro Malaysia provided its services to Sunburst KL, the largest music festival held in the country, featuring artists such as John Legend, Incubus, Incognito and much more.

The E-Ticket feature was a hot seller for the Malaysia Independence Tennis festival as consumers were able to experience the convenience of printing their own tickets at home.

Ticketpro Malaysia also provided its services to the Chelsea vs. Malaysia Football match in July 2008, successfully managing and handling a whopping sale of 70,000 seats to the match.

The list of events it is selling tickets for is still growing rapidly on a weekly basis.

PROTICKET MALAYSIA is a leading provider of ticketing services in Malaysia and is continuously searching to forge new frontiers.

PROTICKET knows that for most ticket buyers, the ticket remains the only tangible link they have with the live event they are attending. PROTICKET is therefore committed to offer its services with the highest quality standards guaranteed so as to create a long-lasting relationship with its clients.

Using its own ticketing software, PROTICKET assures that the innovations never stop. Its unique ticket format, its capacity to quickly localize its operations anywhere in the world, the international knowledge it acquires on a daily basis, and its customer relation management approach makes PROTICKET more than just a ticketing company. PROTICKET is a marketing partner!

Selling millions of tickets every year, and being guided by the core principles of a ticketing company «efficiency, reliability and trustworthiness, » PROTICKET is the event organizer’s first choice wherever and whenever possible.